Thursday, August 3, 2017

Watch Al get hired!

Hey guys!
   Sorry I've been quiet for a while, I am "heads down" at work, and always learning so many new things in my free time!

By the way, I absolutely LOVE Visual Studio Code for writing Ruby code!  I don't love Windows products typically but this one is different, absolutely amazing!  I am a die hard Sublime Text fan, but I am switching over to Visual Studio Code.

I constantly get requests to coach people, usually, after I ask a few questions I decline taking on the client.  I decided however to take on a new coaching student: Al ( I am purposely leaving his last name blank ), who wants to get hired fast!  I thought I would let everyone know today was his first day of coaching, I think he is going to do very well and get hired fast!

I will let you all know how things go and of course his full name once he is hired!  So many people who are learning how to code need to take more action instead of simply watching everyone else code.  There are literally 1000's of free resources and tutorials online, so many in fact that people switch back in forth for 6 months never make much real progress.  You need to have a strategic plan of action to get hired in the tech field, don't follow the herd, be different!

I am one of the only people saying it, Test Automation is the new junior dev job.  They are easy to get, make good money, and you still get to write code - what could be better?

I love helping people change their lives - Al will be hired in 4 months or less...will you?

Keep coding peeps, you can do this!!!