Sunday, October 15, 2017

Some Freebies For You!

Okay guys, some great content and info will be continuously coming your way over here on my FB page. I will be talking all about fun scripts and coding I have been doing, coaching clients and their road to getting hired, LIVE videos where you can hop on and ask questions plus more.

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I will choose a winner THIS Thursday, October 19th, and announce it via live video on Facebook!

Keep hustlin'.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Vlog Announcement!

Hey Guys! I am moving to full-time coaching, and will be making a bunch of videos on my YouTube channel here:

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Monday, September 4, 2017

It is so easy to get hired in tech!

Hey Guys,
    Al is working his butt off and doing well, but he struggled initially with the 21 hours per week time commitment.  The most common thing I see with people learning to code, trying to land their first tech job is not studying 3 hours per day.

Everyone wants to get hired.  Everyone hates making retail money, but very few people are willing to turn off Netflix for 2 - 4 months, buckle down and do the work.  Al is going to get hired, he is committed, where will you be in 4 months?

The world is changing, the way to break into the tech scene is changing.  Netflix and T.V. will always be there to distract you. What's the number one that thing that if you did it would change your life?  You should go do that!

Guys, follow me on Instagram, I am going to be using it more and Twitter less.  @joshuakemp85

You don't have to be a computer scientist to get hired or be the smartest person.  You just have to be willing to not quit, never give up, and do your best.  I love coaching people and watching them double their incomes and change their lives.

Don't give up, work hard, and turn off Netflix :-)

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Watch Al get hired!

Hey guys!
   Sorry I've been quiet for a while, I am "heads down" at work, and always learning so many new things in my free time!

By the way, I absolutely LOVE Visual Studio Code for writing Ruby code!  I don't love Windows products typically but this one is different, absolutely amazing!  I am a die hard Sublime Text fan, but I am switching over to Visual Studio Code.

I constantly get requests to coach people, usually, after I ask a few questions I decline taking on the client.  I decided however to take on a new coaching student: Al ( I am purposely leaving his last name blank ), who wants to get hired fast!  I thought I would let everyone know today was his first day of coaching, I think he is going to do very well and get hired fast!

I will let you all know how things go and of course his full name once he is hired!  So many people who are learning how to code need to take more action instead of simply watching everyone else code.  There are literally 1000's of free resources and tutorials online, so many in fact that people switch back in forth for 6 months never make much real progress.  You need to have a strategic plan of action to get hired in the tech field, don't follow the herd, be different!

I am one of the only people saying it, Test Automation is the new junior dev job.  They are easy to get, make good money, and you still get to write code - what could be better?

I love helping people change their lives - Al will be hired in 4 months or less...will you?

Keep coding peeps, you can do this!!!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Test Automation is the fastest way to get hired!

Another person hired as a Test Automation Engineer!  Seriously forget the things you hear about your first coding job should be as a junior developer.  Getting hired as a Test Automation Engineer is way easier and still allows you to write code :-)

I only personally coach 1 person at a time these days.  Please welcome Jae Shin to the tech field as a Test Automation Engineer.

Getting hired is simply, learn how to code, learn how to market yourself, and share that enthusiasm and passion during the interview.  Most people can get hired in 4 months once they set their mind to achieving the goal of getting hired.  Now is the perfect time to break into tech, there is more opportunity than ever in the tech scene.  Seriously go to any job board and search for "QA" or "Test Automation" and see all the jobs that are available.

Here is Jae's review from his coaching experience, by the way he got hired in 1 month:

"I can't thank Josh enough for coaching me through the steps in locking in my first tech job. Josh's guidance can only be surpassed by his sheer enthusiasm for watching people succeed. Not only did he walk me through what skills I needed, but also continuously challenged me to become a greater coder with his assignments. The skills I learned, in addition to the encouragements I received, gave me the confidence during my interview and landed me my first tech job."

- Jae Shin, 
Test Automation Engineer,

Be encouraged, charge forward, never listen to the naysayers!  You can learn and you can get hired, and it doesn't have to take years!

Always keep learning :-)