Who is Josh Kemp?

I am someone who overcomes challenges. Specifically, I taught myself how to code and get hired as a junior developer in 9 months, all while working full time as a Blacksmith/Farrier with a wife and two kids. I am the author of No Degree No Problem: Learn Ruby on Rails and Get Hired! I now have a course that is the effective and self paced!  I also write this blog on learning to code, landing interviews, getting hired and updates on my own coding journey.

I've spoken at many local area Ruby Meetup groups, have been interviewed on how I learned to code by Whole Brain Power Coaching and written for the Uncollege site.

No Degree No Problem is a guide to investing in yourself and choosing your own path with or without a degree to learning how to code using Ruby on Rails framework and actually landing a job 6 months to one year later (depending on your own level of initiative). Some of the most successful developers on the planet didn't complete college and instead educated themselves and made real world applications.

Before learning to code I was a Blacksmith and a Farrier, working for clients from every horse discipline and traveling throughout Northern Virginia. Having my own business was such an eye opener for me about how to create one's future. I enjoyed the work and clients except for 3 injuries that would force me to change my career path.

Although I love coding, I love people more and love to coach people and see the joy they experience when they transform their lives, change their careers, learn to code and get hired! Coaching and helping others succeed is my passion.

I was born in Woodbridge Virginia in 1985, grew up in Northern Virginia and graduated as a homeschooler in 2003. I worked as a caricature artist at a theme park in Richmond, spent 2 years as a shift supervisor at Starbucks, was a mobile mechanic for a year, owned my own farrier business for 7.5 years and now enjoy coding as my profession along with helping others land a tech job.

I currently reside in Raleigh, NC with my wife and two sons.