Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Fastest Way to Land a Tech Job

Where have I been for the past 2 months???  Working, hustling!!!  I keep trying to stop coaching but I have a serious waiting list, and people keep emailing me!!! It was getting hard to keep up with. I still have a passion to help others land a tech job, get out of their current career and help those who have dropped out of coding bootcamps.

I decided to take everything I have learned from coaching people on how to get a: Junior Dev, Test Automation, or QA job from all around the country and condense it down into a course. I've taken what I've learned from walking people through the process of landing their first tech job. On average I would send 200 - 300 emails to each person over the course of the coaching! Instead of you having to read all those emails and try to figure out what worked, I have done it for you. In a simple at your own pace course and at a more affordable price too!

The Fastest Way to Land a Tech Job course officially launches September 12th, but I am allowing people to sign up for a pre release launch and have access to the first 4 lectures ahead of time! You can find more info about what's in the course and watch the promo video at the link above.