Monday, November 7, 2016

How to automate everything - part 2

Want to be more productive at your job?  You don't have to learn how to code just yet to increase your productivity.  Remember we want to automate anything that we have to do 3 times, we don't necessarily have to write the code to do it.  If you use the internet in your day job and a web browser then listen up, I'm going to show you 2 tools / plugins that I use everyday.

Auto Text Expander - Chrome Addon.

I use Auto Text Expander when I am writing test cases in Jira.  Some people keep track of old test cases and try to reuse them.  I find it easier to make common "snippets" and reuse them.  For example I like to be able to type: "red" and have Auto Text Expander instantly auto type: "{color:red} {color}".  This is a small example but there are many more examples that I use at work that are project specific.  The whole key to getting started with automation is learning to become more aware of things that you repeatedly do everyday.  If you are constantly typing the same long phrase, make a shortcut and have auto text expander do it for you!

Autofill - Chrome Addon.

If you have to create dummy accounts or fill out the same forms everyday, do yourself a favor and download Autofill.  I use Autofill to fill in my Test Executions in Jira among other things.

You may not think the above are actually automation, but they are.  Anything you do 3 times in a day you should try to automate.  Which leads me to my last tip:

Never sign emails again!

I hope you are already doing this, but if you aren't using your emails auto signature you need to now!  Don't just read this post, download the addons and START using them :-)