Gain real-world skills that will enable you to land your first tech job.  Learn the basics of coding by writing testing tools and scripts, making things that companies want!

 You don't need to spend 4 years to get a CS degree, the average person takes 4 months from starting coaching with me to getting their job offer.  When you are willing to studying 21 hours per week, your life can be completely different 4 months from now!

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"I can confidently say my life would not be the same if I did not have Josh as my coach. His amazing story inspired me to attempt my own career change. It has been a difficult journey, but definitely worth it. Josh always kept my expectations real, and was there for all the highs and lows. It has definitely been a roller coaster. No matter the moment, triumph or disappointment and defeat, Josh was always there offering solid grounded advice, helping me keep my head cool, eyes on the prize, and inspiring me to keep on pushing. With every advice, Josh had my best interests at heart. I feel so lucky to have met Josh. He is more than a coach. I truly consider him a friend."

- Andrei Koenig, Baltimore MD
Software Developer at staq

"I can't thank Josh enough for everything I learned from him while working towards a new job (just started 5 weeks ago!!). He was able to quickly take stock of my current skills and help me develop a plan to change careers. He helped me in three main areas:

Technical Skills: While I already had some technical skill, he helped focus it and was there to answer questions about where I should concentrate my learning efforts. He was able to provide many valuable resources. Because I was prepared, I haven't felt out of place. I didn't trick a company into hiring me, I feel I was very well prepared.

Motivation: Cheerleading doesn't normally help me get anything done. Josh was able to motivate me when needed, not by being all sunshine and rainbows, but by helping me be realistic about what I could achieve.

Job Hunting and Soft Skills: This is where I really needed some help. Josh was able to coach me on interview skills, job hunt tactics and general advice for dealing with people in the IT field. This helped a lot and was worth the price of admission alone."

-Justin Bailey, Denver, CO 
Test Automation Engineer

"I can't thank Josh enough for coaching me through the steps in locking in my first tech job. Josh's guidance can only be surpassed by his sheer enthusiasm for watching people succeed. Not only did he walk me through what skills I needed, but also continuously challenged me to become a greater coder with his assignments. The skills I learned, in addition to the encouragements I received, gave me the confidence during my interview and landed me my first tech job. "
- Jae Shin,  Alexandria, VA
Test Automation Developer @Accenture