Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Epicodus Bootcamp Review - Week 4

Time is flying by, I've had my head down working hard at work and then studying hard in the evenings.  I am starting the 4th week of doing the Epicodus boot camp coursework in the evenings after work.

Let me say that if I had this course when I was first learning how to code, I would have been hired WAY sooner.  I can't believe how many people still email me asking if they should go to one of these $4,000 - $6,000 online boot camps.  The answer is NO!  Epicodus is incredible I have absolutely zero complaints!!!

I know my Css and Html fairly well and I still have learned quite a bit so far.  The course is really just amazing, there isn't any other word to use :-) 

The Epicodus coursework is broken down into basically 7 sections:

I am halfway through Branching and looping in Javascript.  There are A LOT of sub sections for each main section, don't be fooled, there is a lot of actual coding assignments to be done after each video.  This is not a tutorial where you watch a video and than check a box and say that you can now program.  No, this is a boot camp and there has been tons of coding up to this point in the course.

Here is where I am exactly with a lot of the sub sections showing:

I just finished up at the bottom there 'Looping practice'.  So far I've learned jQuery, and much more about Bootstrap than I had know previously.

I have been struggling to get in enough hours of studying time after working hard all day at work.  I also can't say no to my 2 little boys wanting to wrestle with me and of course my awesome wife wants to spend time with me as well :-D

I had originally thought that I could do a lot of studying on the weekends, but so far that has not happened as those are VERY much family days.  I had hoped for a minimum of 14 hours of studying every week, and more like 21 hours per week.  Well I am ashamed to say that has not happened at all, I am averaging around 11.5 hours of studying and working on the Epicodus coursework. 

Here is my hour list just how I have it on my computer:

I'm disappointed, but I also know that my family sacrificed before for 9 months while I studied like crazy so I could get hired as a junior developer and I don't want to put that stress on them again, I want my boys to have the weekends with their dad :-)  My wife Elisha's brother did get married and that through a monkey wrench into the mix as we had to travel but that's okay.

Long story short,  I obviously push super hard all week and than just crash on the weekends.  I highly recommend doing the Epicodus boot camp if you aren't already.  If you are doing the Epicodus boot camp, leave me a comment below, I'd love to know that other fellow Epicodians are on the same path as I am.  You will probably pass me at the current "snails pace" that I am going :-)

Life is good, my little family and I are moving up the road this next month, so there will be lots of packing and lifting of heavy boxes :-D

Keep coding peeps!