Monday, August 19, 2013

How to use Captured.

No, I'm not recommending this to make money or anything like that, that is not what this blog is about, this blog is about chronicling my journey to become a Junior Developer and then on the road to becoming an expert in the next 5 years or so.

Captured is a really cool app in the Apple store, it costs $3 bucks, but it is well worth it. I hadn't ever heard about Captured until I started working at ZipList, where EVERYBODY looked at me like I was an alien from mars when I said: "What's Captured?" They scoffed at me, "It's THE way to send something like a picture or note really fast, and you can highlight it with these cool arrows."

I still honestly wasn't that impressed, I mean I've seen people drool over an old crappy Linux machine, and I'm thinking: "Yeah,... I'll keep my Mac", but honestly after answering 30+ emails today from Users asking questions about ZipList, it was a lifesaver for time and clarity.

By the way, the only command I use is "command+shift+6" that's al you need, the rest is automatically generated for you!

You may or may not send a lot of email, but for me it's been an awesome help. I SO enjoy learning everyday more and more about: The web, coding, Css, Html, all sorts of tools. Heck I learn a lot just sitting at lunch and listening to all the developers talk :-) There is no comparison to this sort of work life versus the shoeing life...LOVE IT! -Josh