Monday, October 7, 2013

"Get Hired the Hard Way" ...And the winner is???

I apologize for the long delay but I assure you it was worth it. I was surprised by how many people signed up and applied for "Get Hired the Hard Way". After much deliberation I narrowed the field of candidates down to 4 and then had to make some VERY hard choices and finally decided on 1!

Welcome to the winner of "Get Hired the Hard Way": Dustin James of Manitoba, Canada! Here's a short bio of Dustin:

My name is Dustin James - father, husband and Canadian.  I have a business degree and have worked in that field since graduating from University way back in 2006.  I have a small background in web development and am a co-founder of a start-up community here in Canada.  Personal interests include comedy, cartoons (I'm 30), fitness, sports, coding and thinking about the world's problems. I am unwavering in my attempt to find truly fulfilling work and I decided that Josh’s challenge was just what I needed to finally take the plunge and chase some dreams.  Looking forward to self-authoring a new chapter in my life with direction and help from someone who has done the same!

Today is October 7th, 2013 my promise is to help mentor/coach Dustin along and to have him hired no later than 8 months from today June 7th 2014! There I said it, hold my feet to the fire, follow along and if you ever needed a kick in the pants to get started and stick with your goal, now is the time!

Don't just watch success unfold before your eyes and wish it was you, make it you! Start a blog, open a book, fire open the text editor and make something! 8 months from now you'll be a totally different person...but you must start!

Okay, enough of that, Dustin has started a blog so please go follow it, and also go follow his Twitter account, this guy is going to be awesome!

Blog: Follow Dustin's Blog

Twitter: Follow Dustin on Twitter

Dustin has agreed to the tough challenge of studying a minimum of 21 hours per week! I will be giving updates on his progress and how the studying/training is going and stuff we are working on.

If Dustin does not get hired by June 7th 2014, I will have failed and will be publicly embarrassed, so let's get doing some serious coding! =)