Monday, December 23, 2013

My old arch enemy ' rm -rf ' rears his ugly head again!

Some people are great friends all the time, some people are good friends some of the time, ' rm -rf ' is almost NEVER a good friend :-(

So I made this little html file that called external css and javascript files that hid a scary monster image until a button was clicked. I wanted to show you some cool new things that I've been playing around with lately and show you the little site up and running until I made a HIDEOUS mistake and accidentally deleted the entire folder that had the files.

How?...a long story that is ultimately pointless and happened :-(

So, you will just have to check these out on your own for now until I make something else to show you:

Get a website hosted directly from your GitHub Repository for free, I never had heard about this or knew about it, pretty cool.
I had always heard of Jekyll but never looked at it, it's cool and worth checking out!
I love Heroku, but when I first made a site and hosted it, the site would take FOREVER to load. I found a cool little trick here: Heroku: Depriving your free dyno of sleep and thought I would pass it along, I have Uptime Robot running on 2 sites of mine now.

All the best peeps, keep coding and have a Merry Christmas!