Friday, March 7, 2014

Coding headaches are actually good.

At one time I actually had this idea that I would eventually outrun, this constant learning which can leave you slightly frustrated because you don't quite understand something, or a 'coding headache'.

Well here's the thing, after being hired for 8 months that feeling of always struggling to LEARN, LEARN, LEARN, MORE, MORE, MORE!!! has yet to leave and I now doubt it ever will, which is probably a good thing and not a bad thing after all. I am being to feel just a little more comfortable with being presented with something and not knowing it and then starting to try and figure it out.

This whole learning to code and hopefully one day be a top notched developer is a constant battle for more knowledge and understanding. I can't reveal the details, but all I CAN say is that I absolutely MUST start learning Javascript in the next 3 months no excuses because of some things going on. Another day another dollar, time moves on and in learning to code it's time to buckle down and study during lunches and at night when my 2 & 4 year old are in bed it's time to study some again. Then it's off to work to code and then the cycle repeats itself almost like an infinite loop, until either my head explodes or I am really good one day :-)

My one piece of advice to those who are trying to do like I did and teach themselves to code and then get hired, start getting used to not knowing something and try not to let it scare you. Instead do what I do now when walking through the office doors at work, be grateful and happy that no matter how stressful and swamped you feel, whether or not you get everything perfect, you will leave with more knowledge and information than when you walked through those doors that morning. Embrace it don't fear it, even when you screw up and get chewed out at work (and rightly so) for your mistake. Embrace it don't fear it, just one step closer to the goal of becoming a better developer.

My goal remains the same 4 years and 4 months from now, I want to be working as a senior developer somewhere. Laughable? Crazy? Maybe, I don't care I say make no small plans. Embrace it, don't fear it!

Keep coding peeps!!!