Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Two skills needed to learn how to code: Grit and fun

There's a statistic that says 33% of people who start learning to code, give up before getting everything installed in there dev environment. I know from personal experience having hundreds of people email me, and tell me they are going to learn to code. I would say 50% or better give up 30 - 60 days later from when they started.

The ability to be resilient, to have enough grit to be tough and keep on when the going gets tough I think is one of the "must have" qualities of learning to code. If a new person can keep studying hard for 2 months then they can go the whole distance in my opinion.

I think one key besides being tough. Is also always being able to find a way to stay curious with what you are learning and to find some fun in what you are learning.

Without the ability to find some joy in what you do even the boring mundane or completely hard abstract concepts. You will eventually burn out. There is a book by @jamesmarcusbach "Secrets Of A Buccaneer Scholar"   (and no I don't make any money from this) in it he talks about basically following your own unique "learning rhythms" which I used to think was really just a cop-out for people who couldn't buckle down and study.

Now though I think if you really want to learn to code, it's more important to keep on learning over a long period of time then to simply crash and burn in the short term. I'm all for pushing hard, but I think if you can keep your "coding passion" with a long term focus you will stick with it and not give up and fade away. I really want to help people realize their goal of becoming a developer, and not just dream about it.

I feel bad for not blogging consistently, I promised myself I would always "write back" to let others know how things are once you actually do get hired. I am 2.5 weeks behind getting back to people's emails.

I am making a course that I will hopefully have up on Udemy or Skillshare in July that will hopefully change the way people go about learning to code, I'll let you know more as time gets closer.

I am still working on a book that will make understanding and learning programming easier for people not from an IT background. In my spare time I am still learning Node.js and Javascript which is helping me to understand coding more and not just in Ruby.

What else? Oh, hire my friend Dan who I mentioned last post you can email him and make him an offer or grill him on his coding knowledge at

Other then trying to keep my head above water, I've been taking my boys to the park by the lake, eating dinner, making a fire and eating delicious s'mores.

Life is good, keep coding and enjoy it peeps :-)