Thursday, June 4, 2015

Qa student update, Monthly Google Hangout?

Hey all!

I'm sooo excited to give you an update on the first 4 days of the QA coaching with Roger and Dexter :-)
They are both doing very well, Roger is leading the charge and is further along then Dexter, but both are doing well.  One issue that students come across and realize when they actually get started trying to get hired, and study, is how hard, and how much effort it takes to put in 21 - 30 hours per week!

I think that hit home this week, but I feel impressed with the 2 students I picked and their chances of landing a QA job within the 4 month timeline.  Roger is having some issues with his computer and ordered another one online last night.  Dexter was borrowing a Mac and is now purchasing his own. We are doing our first Google Hangout tomorrow so wish us luck :-)

I've gotten several emails from people asking me to coach them in the past 3 days.  So I wanted to clarify and throw some ideas out to you.  My original plan was to officially launch a QA Coaching 4 month bootcamp  ( or whatever you want to call it ).  With the goal to have 100% of students land entry level QA jobs by the end of 4 months or else I won't consider my coaching a success.

People have been emailing me and saying: "How much would you charge me to help me get a QA job? " Here's the deal, I don't know.  So I put it to you guys:

Would you mind shooting me an email with what you think would be reasonable to charge someone for 4 months of QA coaching.  Assuming at the end of 4 months the student does in fact land a job making $50K.  I really want feedback on this, and will not be offended, no matter what you say in the email, I just really want your opinion on this.

Lastly I want to help beginners new to coding by doing a monthly Google Hangout.  I'm not charging a penny or anything like that.  If I get 10 emails from people saying that they would like to be on the 1 hour Google Hangout with me, then I'll do it.  If I don't get at least 10 people interested, I won't host the Hangout, simple as that :-)

I was thinking of helping beginner's get their dev environment set up, since 33% of people new to learning how to code quit while still trying to get it set up.

I thought I would cover some topics like this:

Sublime Text 3 
Basic Unix Commands
Basic Regex

Stuff like that, I'm not going to be making a Rails app online or anything like that, just troubleshooting and answering questions.  Well, that's all I've got, let me know if this is something you guys want me to do.  I'll do the Google Hangout on a first come basis.  Whoever sends me an email first, will be in the first Hangout, so I am fair to everyone :-)

Keep coding peeps!  You can do this :-)