Thursday, October 25, 2012

Learning the Command Line the hard actually kinda' fun.

I have 14 minutes let of life on my Macbook Pro, it's excactly midnight, so I think that means it's quitting time:)


I wrote down the 26 Unix command line commands I'm suppose to memorize, then copied them onto note cards, and have about half memorized.

I went on Treehouse and watched some ROR videos (very good).

Did my exercises on the command line, as the book has laid out.

Starting trying to 'Rvm use 1.9.3p0' and got an error, after much searching I found out I need to put a hyphen in like this: '1.9.3-p0', now no error, but I did get another error, and which I will have to continue on tomorrow.

I may end up switching and doing Michael Hartl's Rail's Tutorial, which I did several months ago, I feel really not comfortable at all.

Till tomorrow- Josh Kemp