Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oct. 28th

Studied, for 3.5 hrs. made a very simple program, to ask a user their first, middle, and last name:

From Sublime Text 2

puts 'Hello!...what\'s your first name?'
firstname = gets.chomp
puts 'Your first name is: ' + firstname + ''
puts 'What\'s your middle initial?'
middleinitial = gets.chomp
puts 'Your middle initial is: ' + middleinitial + ' That\'s a dumb name son'
puts 'Not too pry, but what\'s your back name?'
backname = gets.chomp
puts 'Your back name: ' + backname + '  better than your middle initial at least'

...And from terminal, after running, using my name: Joshua T. Kemp.

Last login: Tue Oct 30 23:11:02 on ttys000
Joshuas-MacBook-Pro:~ joshuakemp$ ruby fullname.rb
Hello!...what's your first name?
Your first name is: Joshua
What's your middle initial?
Your middle initial is: T That's a dumb name son
Not too pry, but what's your back name?
Your back name: Kemp  better than your middle initial at least
Joshuas-MacBook-Pro:~ joshuakemp$

Not big, but I was happy, I didn't look in the back of Chris Pine's book 'Learn to Program' at his exercise help, so it took awhile.

I made one other program, and worked on the Michael Hartl Tutorial. Which as I said before I am going through at a snails pace this time around as I want to really try and grasp a lot more out of it, versus just copying and paste or just looking at the code and typing it, I really want to understand more after this time around.

I stopped studying after getting stuck with trying to push to Git because something is wrong with my SSH key or something, I'm going to have to figure out what I did or didn't do:)