Friday, September 13, 2013

"No Degree, No Problem!" book launch in 2 days!

2 days peeps, till my ebook is out! I can't wait, I've put a lot of thought, time, and energy into this and I'm really pleased with how it turned out :-)

I can't believe how many emails I've gotten already to apply for the October 1st launch of :"Get hired the hard way!", now I'm thinking: "Holy crap, how am I going to narrow the field down to just 1 person???" I was hoping for some feedback from you guys, I obviously can't teach everyone and "guarantee" they will get hired in 8 months, then of course I could pick the person who is the most skilled, but then how honest is that?

I want some feedback from you guys, whether it be by email: or in the comments, should I only take 1 student? or maybe I should take on 3 and make it a "trio"? Still not totally sure yet, I wasn't expecting this many applications. In the same token it's cool to see people who really want to learn and commit to a 8 month learn to code journey!

Speaking of commitment and guarantees, a good friend of mine who shall be nameless has asked me a rather tough question:

 "You *guarantee* they will be hired? What's the return to the student if they aren't hired?"

I have thought long and hard about the question and here are my thoughts:

Each student whether it be 1, 3 or whatever number I pick in the end, will have my public and personal commitment for at least 8 months to weekly mentor them and in the end help get them hired for free.

If the student should do all the hard work and follow the "road map" outlined in "No Degree, No Problem!" and still not get hired "exactly" on the 8 month anniversary of starting, then I would view that as a failure on my part and a broken promise. 

Now although I am doing this for free, and will be promoting the student on my blog. I think the biggest *guarantee* is the fact that I will be VERY publicly embarrassed, and possibly thought of as someone who was misleading, which I want to avoid AT ALL COSTS!

However if that were to happen (which I will NOT let it happen on my watch) the student would probably be VERY close to being hired, have a ton of free exposure and hopefully have learned a lot at no cost for 8 months.

So in the end it's a risk that each person applying with have to calculate in their own mind, are they willing to go all out for 8 months? Are they going to go back to school and get a degree and more debt for 4 years? Which of these is the better bet if the goal is to land a entry level junior developer position?

Well I know for a fact that 8 people signed up in under the first 24 hours and that was the first time even mentioning it. I have several people saying they will pay me several thousand dollars to mentor them.....but that's not what this is about, I will not take a penny of anyone's money to help them in this process.

Can a person with zero to very little computer literacy "jump in the game" with both feet, work like mad, never look back and 8 months later get hired?...well you know my answer.

P.s. If you still want to apply, email me and I'll send you an application :-)