Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Calling all college dropouts who want to make $50K a year

NOTE: You don't actually have to be a college dropout to apply :-)

So after working on my book on and off for the past 6 months, it is finally being launched on June 1st.  I am so excited, the book now has over twice the original content.  If you purchased the first version of the book I am told it should update to the latest version when it is put online.  Let me know if you have problems with Amazon and I will send you a copy.  The updated version of the book is 3 - 4 times better than the original.  I have helped a lot of people get hired over the past almost 2 years, and seen what works and what doesn't work, those experiences have really made the book better.  Also I actually took my time to write the book ( not simply 2 weeks like the first book ) this time and hopefully fixed a lot of the terrible grammar.

Enough about the book!

I want to tell you what I am working on that will make getting an entry job in the I.T. field without a degree way easier and faster.

I get lots of emails from people who have dropped out of college, and are working low paying retail jobs, and who have pretty much lost their hope.  I want to have a QA coaching service that will take a technically unsavvy person and 4 months later help them land a entry level QA job!  I think the course and system I have come up with will be much easier for people who don't have a coding background, but want to break into the I.T. field.  This would obviously only be the first step, people can get their first job, and then move onto being a developer if they like.  It is really good to have experience in QA before becoming a Developer anyway.

Before I charge for this service, I need to put my money where my mouth is :-)  I want to get some real life examples of people doing my coaching program.  Which brings me to my point:

I am accepting applications for 2 students.

I will coach you for free for 4 months, after which time it is my hope that you will land an entry level QA job making $50K.

What do I get out of it?  I love coaching and helping people, I will get some real world examples and testimonials once you land a QA job.

What do you get out of it???

You will get all of my secrets, experience helping 20+ other people land jobs and coaching.  I will help you become ready to get hired as an entry level QA engineer in 4 months or less.

Here's the deal though, I know I will get a bunch of emails.  I will help you make your odds better of getting selected as one of the 2 candidates.  Here's what I am looking for in these 2 students:

You must be passionate

You must be driven

You must not be a quitter ( If you could some how prove that the word "can't" and "quit" are not found anywhere in your DNA, that would help you )

You must be able to devote at least 21 hours per week to study for the next 16 weeks ( no exceptions )

You must be someone who takes initiative ( If you can't take risks, and make decisions then you won't be a good fit for this program )

You must be remarkable ( what does that mean?  How do you show that you ARE indeed remarkable???... I leave that to you )

You must commit to not giving up for at least 4 months

You must have a Mac ( It can be old, just as long as it's a Mac, no Windows or Linux machines
sorry )
You must give me a review at the end

If you think you have those qualities than here is what you will get from me:

My commitment to helping you land an entry level QA job 4 months from the day we start June 1st.

Free coaching and help from me ( I will not write your code for you, BUT I will help you figure it out , and look at your code)

The latest updated, and revised version of my book.

My strategic customized plan for you, interviewing help, secrets and tips that aren't even in the book.

This is a golden opportunity for someone who is stuck in a crappy job making $25K and wants to double their income 4 months from now.  This is NOT an opportunity for the lazy or faint of heart, think of this as a QA boot camp, that will get you good enough to land an entry level QA job.

That's the deal, that's what I am offering, send me an email and make your case why I should pick you and dedicate the next 4 months to helping you succeed :-)

Keep coding peeps!