Sunday, May 31, 2015

Free 4 month QA coaching winners!

The winners of the 4 month free QA coaching program are:

1.  Dexter of San Francisco, CA is an entrepreneur which is one of the things that impressed me about him, his site is pretty cool too :-)

2.  Roger of Vacaville, CA is a 54 year old printer repairman, who wants to show the world that not only young people can land I.T. jobs!

Both of these peeps assure me that they aren't quitters and will put in the 21 hours minimum of studying each week.  I am SO excited to help them land QA jobs in 4 months or less!!!

Follow along with the blog for updates of Dexter and Roger as I coach them along and they land their QA jobs 4 months from now:

October 1st!  ( affectionately known as D-DAY )

I'm sorry I couldn't pick more people to coach for free, there were a lot of great people who applied!

I'm also excited to announce the re-launch of my book: "No Degree, No Problem"

It took me 3 years to write this book.  It wasn't the writing that took so long... It was the learning.  I had to work at 2 companies, read hundreds of emails from people learning how to code.  Now with 4x  the content as the original version, this is the fastest, easiest way to land a Ruby on Rails position!

Special thanks to Emily Foster, owner of Raven Brooke Studios, for designing and making the new cover for the book.  I couldn't be happier and highly recommend you to like her Facebook, and to check out her shop :-)


I rarely ask for retweets or mentions, but this is the time I will ask for a mention or retweet on Twitter or Facebook :-)  Check out my book if you are serious about landing a Rails position!

Keep coding peeps!  You can do this!!!