Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Coaching Cody Countdown - 29 Days

Remember I told you that I had finally convinced my younger brother Cody ( who is a natural coding "savant" ) to quit his crappy retail job and to move down to the RTP North Carolina area?

Well so he finally did, and as I promised you all that I would let you know how it goes.  I am giving myself 30 days to get him hired.  I've been super busy so I didn't get to write a blog post yesterday, so I will start on Cody's 2nd day.

I have given Cody a QA coaching plan, and daily actionable steps to take, while I am at work.  In the evenings, I review with him how his day went and what areas we need to "tweak".  So far I am happy to say he has 1 QA job lead for this Thursday.

I have received more emails than lately, alot of them are from students at a very well known coding boot camp.  The students say that they liked the experience and training, but they weren't able to land a job after graduating.  They now are faced with having to pay back the loan and try to find a job.

I think we are hitting a new era with coding boot camps, they are so popular, prevalent, and generally excepted.  Boot camps no longer seem to have same level of pressure that they once had to actually get their students jobs at the end of their 12 weeks of training.

I agree 4 college is mainly a waste of time if you want to learn how to code.  Why though do you skip 4 years of college and replace it with 3 months of coding school?  The problem with college has been that they don't actually make you "job ready" at the end of 4 years.  I wonder if coding boot camps are starting to head that way as well, as they are becoming more mainstream.  Will they become a place to simply learn coding skills, but not actually get you a paying job at a I.T. company?

Either the coding boot camp industry is changing, or I am simply getting more emails from former coding boot camp students, that simply can't get hired.  Am I the only one seeing this?

Anyway, I am loving the RTP area and loving my job using Javascript everyday as a Software Engineer in Test :-)   I will keep you all up to date with Cody's progress and anything else that I think will be beneficial.

Keep coding peeps, you can do this!