Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day 242 Learning Ruby on Rails = 751 hours

I promised to keep you updated about the new company: "BFK" formed with +David Bock and +Carl Fyffe. We are meeting this Sunday at Panera to have a huge study session and work on our super cool super secrect product :-) I can't wait!

I've been scatter brained lately, hopping from learning one thing to another because everything is so new and cool to learn. Right now though I am focusing on learning Ruby more, and trying not to get distracting by anything else.

In Ruby I had no problems when I learned about loops: while, for, until... but when it came to .each I had a much harder time with it for some reason. Apparently .each is like the ultimate way to iterate over things, so I'm trying not to cheat and use loops and make myself use .each.

I know this is weird, but I love being able to use REGEX in Ruby like: .gsub!(/s/, "th") now that's simple, and I don't know much of REGEX at all, BUT I feel like using regular expressions is almost like another level of programmer, almost like a super power. With just a few characters you can save yourself from writing several lines of code.

I would love to quit my job, rent a cabin somewhere in the blue ridge mountains, take my wife and kids with me and not return to civilization until I have mastered REGEX. Unfortunately, my wife and kids like eating and me paying the bills, so I will just keep on learning 21+ hours per week while keeping my full time job :-)

When I first started learning RoR I loved Rails and was like: "Oh I don't like Ruby, there's not enough magic." but actually as I'm learning Ruby a little more and more I see that I was the one mistaken. We have a black magic like power in our friend Ruby, and we should dive in deeper to learn more and understand more. +Zander z has been a great encourager in regards to Ruby.

I am studying Ruby in my truck on the way down to Fredericksburg to help my Dad fix his refrigerator. I love my wife for driving so I can sneak in some study time! Love my awesome wife :-)