Sunday, June 2, 2013

End of Week 32 = 688.75 hours Learning/Studying RoR!!!

The end to another fine week! First the bad news (Don't hate me) I am putting making the Search engine/Web crawler on hold for the time being for several reasons but the main one being: I am making another site for someone, and man does this site need some love!!!

I have 5 hours into this project so far, the below pictures are before and after, I am in NO way done, I still have to make: The mailer, talk to Paypal,  make a couple drop down lists, and then of course the endless tweaking of Css ritual.




Yes! Yes, I know things aren't perfectly centered but you can feel the Rails love permeating all over this new and improved version :-)

So that's what I'm doing among many other things, If I could have 1 wish, I think I'd pick: More Time! There is so much to learn and do and so few hours in a day to do it, how can people sleep when there is a whole world out there to learn about! I say sleep when your dead :-)

I'm pulling strings and crossing fingers, hoping to have more good news for you up ahead. Either way, I'm loving the journey, if your not by this point, I think it's time to "hang up" the ole' Mac Book.

Remember we only need 3 things in this world: Water, Food, and Code. So if you are doing something else, STOP! no excuses, tell them Josh said "STOP! and CODE!" seriously.- Josh