Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I have started freelancing doing RoR projects/ sites, and have several lined up. I have decided to keep this blog personal, yet professional so: I am going to be sharing exactly what I make/get for each Gig I get on my own.

If it's a company thing of course I wouldn't talk about that, but any projects I wrangle up on my own, I'm spilling the beans. I always have people ask me questions to things quite frankly I don't know, so I want to be transparent in how I went from zero RoR experience to hopefully one day being in the top 5%. I want to always be open to telling others about what and how I learn.

 I don't want everyone to know, how cheap I'm working, like the fact that I traded the first site I made in exchange for 18 holes of golf. BUT,  I will share private information like that in an email after each project. You just have to send me an email that says "Tell me about your projects!"

When I get finished with a project anyone who has sent me an email, will receive an email with things like: "how many hours it took, what I struggled with, and what I get for the project in the end.

I would share that on the blog, but as I get better and better I don't think I should be putting EVERYTHING like that up, even if I'm a fun loving kind of guy:-)

The reason I'm going to send out an email is I always get quite a few emails, DMs with questions like I just mentioned. So I thought I'd share how I get work and how it goes, to those who want to know.

I hope to encourage others that our starting out to go for it and to keep things light hearted and fun around here. Any takers? - Josh 

P.S. my email is:   I'll put it up on the blog in the next few days :-)