Friday, June 14, 2013

How to stay motivated to learn Ruby on Rails

I'm am writing this post while sitting in my black 2003 Tundra. I'm waiting to go to my next stop and thought I'd write between shoeing appointments. I just got kicked 20 minutes ago, the horse missed my knee and got my upper thigh.

I was instantly angry, but then after a few minutes I thought to myself, I should blame myself for picking this career and also be thankful for such a great motivator. I haven't been slacking off on learning/studying but that kick re-motivated me and put the fear of the Lord into me for learning RoR!

I love helping new people learning RoR and get emails that say: "How do you stay so motivated?" and such. Today I have found a full proof plan to energize and motivate anyone who would like to be more motivated to study and learn programming.

                             "Josh Kemp's Secret Technique To Learn RoR!"

Step 1: Make a goal of how many hours you would like to study each week.

Step 2: Shoot me an email with that number.

Step 3: I will email you at the end of the week and ask you how many hours you studied.

Step 4: If you missed your hourly study goal, you must come ride with me shoeing horses for a day
and I will make you trim one of my most dangerous horses.

Step 5: You will never miss your hourly study goals again :-)

I am now accepting applications to my free " Coding Accountability" program :-)

Seriously if you are lacking motivation to study/learn programming, tell someone your goal and keep yourself accountable to hit you hourly study goals, you will learn faster than you ever thought possible! - Josh