Monday, June 17, 2013

Learning Ruby on Rails End of Week 34 = 738 total hours studying!

Smell that?... that's fresh code being made! You have to love learning RoR, I mean what an awesome, easy to read and understandable Ruby language teaming up with the magical Rails framework. Some times I'm afraid I'm an imposter to a REAL PURE programmer, it's so cool to be able to have something up and running in a matter of minutes!

Anyhow enough with that, what am I doing? I'm learning more about Ruby for the time being, trying to understand Ruby itself more without Rails, for right now.

I wanted to right a blog post and just say "Everything's GREAT!" but that would be kind of short and weird. I don't know what your supposed to say when life is good and everyday code is making more and more sense, when you start having dreams about coding better than DHH only to wake up and realize you are still a junior dev. :-)

If you ever go sledding, than you know where I am. I'm walking back up the hill and occasionally slipping in the slushy mud of code but all in all getting closer to the top of the hill. When I reach the top, I'll jump on the "coding sled" enjoy the new progress and then climb back up.

See? We learned everything we needed to know about life when we were kids sledding. :-) Josh