Sunday, February 17, 2013

340 hours of total study time in 17 weeks!

That's right, I've studied 340 hours learning Ruby on Rails in the last 17 weeks! My total hours in week 17 were: 25.75. I Started working on a project today with David Bock of Code Sherpas and Jason Wieringa It's a project to basically help fix a local pet rescue's website.

Let me just say, although I know I've said it before. If you want to become a RoR developer than you absolutely MUST find some people to work/study with. I already knew that, and I study with my brother Cody and go to a Meetup every week if not more. However the learning that took place today absolutely took the lid off of the potential to learn things at a much higher rate.

If you study alone, you are learning at about 20mph. Studying/working with other people who know RoR = learning at 100mph! If you are serious about being a developer some day, then you need other people to learn with.

I can't believe how much was done on the website in just 1 day! I mainly observed and asked questions. I have 2 small changes to contribute before we meet again next Sunday. Berkeley SaaS 169.2x started on the 15th and I have yet to watch the lectures, so time to start cracking tomorrow.

Today, Jason and David taught me so much, I am so grateful. Throughout the day I probably asked 20 questions, normally I would have to stop what I was doing and Google for the answers to my questions but today I got instant awesome feedback that helped make things click in my mind. I beginning to understanding this beast we call RoR and how it really works. Study people! Times a wasting. - Josh