Monday, February 4, 2013

Go Ravens!...and I love Cucumber!

Starting Week 4 of edX Berkeley's SaaS course. Talk about tough, I've no other time to look at anything else in RoR except to study and pass the Quizzes and Assignments, so hopefully that means I'm learning.

The Cucumber demo showing how to use it with (BDD) Behaviour Driven Development was really cool, I was also reminded of how little I know about (Regex) Regular Expressions. I'm thinking about finding a good list of the main Regex syntax and memorize it. If any one knows of a good basic list I could memorize that would be great.

21 hours for the week, so that's good. I did a short little RoR tutorial on how to make a Rails Todo list app, which was really cool. I feel like I'm almost starting to understand the whole MVC of Rails. I del a little better when getting a Routing error. 292 hours studied total for 15 weeks.

Had coffee with an awesome developer in Purcellville Va, Friday morning, really encouraged me to make a good long term decision regarding learning to Code. So grateful for all the positive, encouraging, and supportive people I have meet in the RoR community while on this learning journey.-Josh