Friday, February 22, 2013

Rails getting Sassy!

Get your Rails on, yeah that's right I have made my first commits and contributions to a real world project with 2 other developers, so shut your mouth!....sorry I was feeling a little cocky.

I added a logo image to a web page and moved the footer to a partial, not nearly that impressive. Thankfully the developers I'm working with are really super nice and encouraging to the new young guy who is asking things like "git add .?" :) Anyway I got my assignments done so I feel good, but I want to know how I could have done it better, not just it's good enough to pass.

Pair programming with my brother Cody tomorrow morning, working on Cucumber, we need to know Cucumber much better for upcoming assignments of edX Berkeley 169.2x Saas course.

 Cody is going to make a sample profile site with his: name, email, and a picture, using Cucumber to test it all as he goes along. Tomorrow he's going to show me how he did it and let me pick holes at it and try to understand it better, then I'll make a site using Cucumber.

Sunday I'm working with David and Jason again up in Reston, should be a great time of learning totally excited. I'll let you know how tomorrow works out. The pet rescue website is coming along great! - Josh