Monday, February 4, 2013

Berkeley SaaS Week 4 lectures done :)

Done watching all of week 4 video lectures, doing the quiz now. Quiz 2 has 15 questions, I fell good with 10 of those, now to look up and feel confident of my answers. Big study day pair programming with my brother Cody tomorrow.

We're stopping the side project I was doing with Dan and Cody. Dan is excepting a baby soon, and I have my hands full with making sure I understand and do well on this edX class, so it's kind of a blessing :)

Go to and download the Gosu Gem, and do the tutorial. It helps you learn Ruby and is pretty fun, If you get stuck shoot me a line and I'll help you out. Cody and I have actually made a way to keep track of score on the game, he'll be putting the code up on Github in the next week, we'll probably keep tweaking the game a little more and more for the heck of it.

Last Friday David Bock of nice enough to meet me for coffee and give me some learning advice and also to point me to another local guy who is learning RoR as well, Jason Wieringa. Check out his blog: I found it helpful and encouraging toward this common goal of learning RoR, hopefully you will be inspired as well.

In the next coming weeks, hopefully Jason and I will get to study/learn together and be a local support team. I encourage everyone trying to learn RoR not to get discouraged and to find someone to study with and bounce ideas off of.  - Josh