Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Turning Point = 314 hours of RoR studying

The end of another productive week learning Ruby on Rails. Decided to post my week 16 hours and total study hours , since it's been a while.

WEEK 16 Feb.4th 2013    - Feb. 10th 2013 :)

Monday =                          3.5 hours
Tuesday=                               4hours
Wednesday=                       2.5hours
Thursday=                        3.75hours
Friday=                                  5hours
Saturday=                           2.5hours
Sunday=                                1hours

Week 16 =  22.25 hours       

*********TOTAL HOURS =  314.25 HOURS *******************

Without sounding stuck up, prideful, or cocky I would just like to say that this week,  was a big turning point for me over all. I feel like I'm starting to understand Rails a bit more. Sure I've done tutorials and followed along step by step, but this week I felt like I started to understand a little bit better what was going on, not alot better, but better.

I had a really positive week of study and learning,  things seemed to click and make sense. Of course after saying that this week will be a disaster :)  Finished week 4 of edX's Berkeley 169.1x  SaaS course, only 2 weeks left till we finish, then  SaaS 2 starts! Totally excited, can't wait!

Tonight I'm going to try and find a good tutorial on Cucumber to work through. Tomorrow (Monday) I going to watch all the lecture videos, then Tuesday - Sunday get cracking on the homework for  the week.

I may be doing a project with a couple other developers coming up soon, not 100% sure yet but it looks like fun and sounds promising so we'll see, I'll keep you up to date :) - Josh