Wednesday, March 6, 2013

4 things that will never change with development.

I love this quote:

"The creation of good software demands a significantly higher standard of accuracy than those other things do, and it requires a longer attention span than other intellectual tasks." Donald Knuth, Keynote address to 11th World Computer Congress, 1989

It seems to me 4 things in programming will virtually never change: (1) Some sort of Database probably SQL. (2) Html, which is still very similar to how it was years ago. (3) Some form of CSS. and finally (4) Javascript. It seems like if you only knew Html, CSS, and Javascript really well, you could always be valuable to an employer and be gainfully employed regardless of other changes like cloud based and such.

Currently I do not know these technologies well, so I can't give this advice from personal experience, however from all the Meetups and programming things I've attended, these 4 things always seem to be non negotiable skills to being a good web developer regardless of your back end language choice.

I am SOOO happy for the ton of snow we are getting here in Northern Va, I probably won't have to work till Friday, due to the problems of getting to clients barns and working on their horses.

I've been using my virtual Linux machine working through my Sass Engineering book, and I'm getting an error when running ' spec -c -fn spec/controllers/movies_controller_spec.rb'. I'm not sure how much time I should spend working on this error, because it isn't one of my homework assignments, it's just an example is my Saas book, however it is learning and I would like to fix it. We'll see :)

Anyway hope all is well with every one's learning journey, and if you did get bad weather , it gives you a chance to study. - Josh