Sunday, March 24, 2013

Junior Developer RoR in 6 months or 182 days!

I changed my Twitter profile recently, but not my goal. My original goal was to become a Junior Ruby on Rails developer in 6 months, and at the time I just said "Hey my birthday is around 6 months away, heck let's make it April 7th, my birthday."

 Well as time is running out, I want my FULL 6 months, (26 weeks) so I'm changing my 6 month date from my birthday April 7th to April 23rd 2013 which is exactly 6 months from the date I started October 23rd 2012. 182 days, 6 months or 500+ hours.

I'm hoping to leave a guideline or bench mark for others who come after me who want a rough idea on how to get from point A to point B as a self taught programmer, to becoming hired as a Junior RoR Developer.

 This is the end of week 22 of my learning journey, and I didn't do as well this week, because we went to Baltimore's Inner Harbor for my wife's birthday for a few days and I was strictly forbidden to do anything computer related :)

 I only put in 17 hours this week versus my typical 21. My grand total hours of study after 154 days is: 442.50 hours, leaving me 28 days left till my 6 months is up. I should have around 535 hours of studying by then if everything stays on track.

 When I hit 6 months of studying (April 23rd) I think I'm going to add another page on to my blog with a list of books and tutorials I've completed, that way others can see exactly what I've studied and also as a sort of online "Here's what I know", not 100% sure yet.

 I still want to do a Hackathon this year, I also think I will give a "Lightning talk" at possibly Arlington Ruby Meetup on how to use 'RTanque' we'll see, I'm not too hot at public speaking, but hey gotta' start somewhere :) Code, code, code :) - Josh