Thursday, March 28, 2013

The end of Berkeley the beginning of Javascript

I'm finally talking about something other than 'RTanque'! I love 'RTanque' and I get to learn more about Ruby when I play around with the tank bots, but enough of 'RTanque' for now.

 The edX Berkeley 169.2x SaaS course is almost over, I can't believe it, 1 more quiz and 1 more homework assignment, and it's over, it officially ends March 31st. The edX course is now having us starting to work with Javascript, so I've decided to try out 'FightCode' the tank battling game that uses Javascript, I figure that will be a fun way to learn more about Javascript.

 I think Javascript makes you more valuable to any team, wether or not you like it, if you're talking to a browser than you are going to need it. I think If I was a coding super hero,  I'd pick Javascript as my super power :)

 It's been a really busy week of shoeing horses, it gets so busy this time of year, I love making more money but I 've gotten a little frustrated the past 2 days because I've only gotten to study for 2 hours per day.

 I need to finish my assignment for the pet rescue site tonight, then tomorrow finish lecture videos for Berkeley's 169.2x final which is about 5-6 hours of videos, basically 2 weeks in 1. Homework and then a quiz due before Sunday at midnight, then they're are a ton of things I'd like to work on of my own.

 I love being swamped with stuff to do coding wise, because I feel like no matter what I do I am going to be learning, in the same token, I don't want to fail and not get everything done. Oh why do I have to go work to make money?! I wish I could just stay home and code :) Okay enough sobbing, now to get to work on the pet rescue site.- Josh