Monday, April 1, 2013

End of Week 23 = 463 hours of learning Ruby on Rails!

I had to share this quote I just heard, to encourage people learning Ruby on Rails!

Quote: " That horrible feeling you get when you are struggling to learn some new facet of rails is just ignorance leaving the mind." - David Bach

I share that to encourage others who are also new to learning Ruby on Rails don't get discouraged, don't give up. Rails does a lot of magic that is hard to understand exactly what is going on sometimes.

Had a great week, studied 20.5 hours bringing my total hours of learning Ruby on Rails to 463! I finished up edX Berkeley SaaS course 169.2x on Saturday, still waiting for my final grade results.

What's next? I'm still meeting in Reston with +David Bock and +Jason Wieringa working on a pet rescue website, which is turning out really nice. I'm going to work on the pet rescue site, but also I'm going to be working on a project with my brother +Cody Kemp he's wanted to do for some time, so for now I'm working on 2 things: The pet rescue site, and an application with Cody.

I'm 22 days from April 23rd my 6 month goal. I need to keep cracking the whip learning Ruby on Rails, I want to have our web application done by April 23rd, no buts about it. I need big goals to go far, that's just the way I am. Please hold me accountable by asking how it's coming along so that I feel the pressure to get it done.

The whole purpose of this blog was to keep me accountable to study, and get stuff done,  so please comment over the next 3 weeks to help keep me on track. - Josh