Saturday, April 13, 2013

Week 25 = 503.5 hours of learning Ruby on Rails!!!

 I have hit 502.5 hours of studying/learning Ruby on Rails and I still have tomorrow to study till the official end of week 25. I can't believe I stuck with it this long and got to 500 hours!!!  I feel like I am getting better for sure, 10 days left till I hit 6 months!

I have a confession to make. I don't think I'm ready to be a Junior Ruby on Rails Developer just yet. I'm not admitting defeat, or lacking in confidence. I feel really good right where I'm at, I have not tried to seek employment, and I don't intend to till May 23rd. I'm giving myself 1 more month to get my portfolio of work up. I really need to make some more stuff on my own.

I am going to be adding another page on this blog titled "Portfolio", on which I will display some websites I have built or helped build, also a link to my Github Repository. I am currently working on 2 websites, and I hope to have 2 more finished and up for display on this blog by May 23rd.

By May 23rd, I will have at least 600 hours of Ruby on Rails training, and 4 sites that are deployed in use to show, hopefully that will be enough to land a Junior Ruby on Rails position. I'm excited to be working on actual projects instead of homework, it's more fun to me.

Be assured that I am not saying I have failed. On the contrary, this blog has had over 5,000 page views, from over 70 countries, and I've received emails from people in: India, Spain, Madrid, Czech Republic, France, Poland, and from lots of people here in the States. I just feel like I need a little more time, so my surprise post with a link, will be on May 23rd instead of April 23rd.

 I had a great week studying and have the mock up roughly finished for my friend's landscaping site. I'm going to sit down and show him the first version of the site tomorrow at "Ben's Chili Bowl" in D.C. Then me and the family are going to look at the Cherry Blossoms :)

 Have a good week, and I'll keep you up to date on the landscaping website! - Josh

500 hours!!!.... Take that Rails!  :-)