Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Learning Ruby on Rails Day 169: Stay the Course!

It's funny as you push really hard for a goal, how many things will all of the sudden pop up and try to distract you or knock you off course. I don't even mean bad things, even good, like what happened to me yesterday.

I am as you know trying to get out of being a professional farrier and transition into being a Junior Ruby on Rails Developer. As a farrier I do a really good job and have no shortage of work. I work on Millionaire's, Veterinarian's, Trainer's, and even Dressage Judge horses so I could very well just keep on doing what I am doing, but that's not what I want.

Yesterday as I was working at a barn in Clifton doing a Dressage Judge's horse (that had just gotten back from showing in Ocala, Florida), Grand Prix Dressage rider and USDF Gold Medalist walks up to me and asks if I would consider taking her on as a client and shoeing her horses. I was blown away, that as I am trying to get out of shoeing, I would get offered such a coveted opportunity!

As the Summer approaches and things get busier and busier for me, I must fight for my 21 hours of studying per week! Today is catch up day. I am falling behind this week, so I will get in 6 hours of studying! I will write a blog tomorrow, and let you know how I did.

One final note, back on Oct, 23rd I decided to blog to keep myself accountable and to show others that this can be done and you can get hired after 6 months. Well I have a surprise for you all on April 23rd, I will be posting a link and a very short message. You will get to see if my creative idea works. It isn't 100% original. I heard about it in January and decided I would try it just to see what kind of response it would generate, then tell you the results. Hopefully it will be an encouragement to us all to keep learning/studying and not give up on your goals.

So stay tuned for the surprise on the 23rd. Now time to kick some butt studying :)  - Josh