Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Learning Ruby on Rails Day: 175

Working on my friend Peter's landscaping site this week, coming along fairly well. I am making 6 pages for the site that are just plain static. On the "Contact" page I am having a "Service Request" form you fill out that will send an email to Peter , so he can check it on his phone, without having to log into the site or anything.

The "Portfolio" page will show recent pictures of work done, and what I'm trying to do is embed a link from his company's Facebook page, and have any new pictures he posts there automatically uploaded to his "Portfolio" page, I also want to show the newest photos at the top of the page, so as he uploads more and more photos, they don't go to the bottom of the page where no one will ever see them.

I'm surprised the Sass and Css problems I am having, it really is a whole different animal than backend developing, anyway with enough tweaking I'm sure I'll have it looking half way decent.

 I'm getting the main content for the "Home" & "About" page  and the domain name from Peter this week. I'm going to meet up with him Saturday or Sunday and show him what I've got, then tweak it some more, and hopefully have it ready to put up online on April 27th or 28th.

I'll of course put up a link to the site when it's done so you can see what it looks like. I need to learn more about APIs, how to talk to other sites and how to get information form them, I feel like if I knew how to do that well, I could take my development to a new level... anyway time to code.


P.S. Here's 2 sample pics of the "Home" page and the "Contact Form".