Friday, April 26, 2013

Learning Ruby on Rails Day: 185

I told you earlier this week that I'm putting making my friend's landscaping site on hold for a little while so I can brush up on my Css, Sass, and JavaScript. Just finished watching a Sass/Less tutorial last night, which was really good. To practice I'm going to tweak a website that I cloned off of Github, so no matter how much I mess it up, it won't matter.

Yesterday I was going through my Github repos and realized I really need to clean up my account, I have so many repos that just have a handful of commits. Same with Heroku, I have maxed out my 50 apps and about 95% of them are crap that needs deleting. Going to clean up both of those accounts some more this week.

I'm going through JavaScript fundamentals by Simon Allardice on and really learning a lot and enjoying it. JavaScript isn't as scary as I thought :)

Studied 5 hours 20 minutes yesterday, you know it's time for bed when your eyes are super dry and you start nodding off while trying to watch tutorial videos.
I feel comfortable with Github basics, however I was just shown the "Git Immersion" tutorial by Jim Wierich  it is SOOO good and easy to follow along for beginners and intermediates a like. I've been going through it some this week, I think I'm on lab 11. 

Alright peeps, time to get studying, going to be pair programming with my brother +Cody Kemp  today, hoping to get in 4-5 hours :-). - Josh