Monday, March 18, 2013

'RTanque' Massacre!

I could feel my nose starting to run, it was cold outside, the sky overcast.  I was looking for my fellow tank driver +Jason Wieringa . We had been fighting as a team with 6 other tanks with code knowing to never shoot at our own bots, we were invinciable or so we thought, no single tank could stop our united 8 tank bot fighting force.

 At 12:15p.m. we crested a hill and looked over a valley below, there a single lone bot sat by its self, just roatating and shooting aimlessly. Easy kill! We raced down the mountain side to take out the lone bot called "Lobotomizer", it sat like a lone duck, +Jason Wieringa  taking "Lobotomizer's" flank with 4 tanks, while I headed straight at "Lobotomizer".

Just as we pulled to within firing range, our tanks started having alzheimer like symptoms, they started to forget how to fire, how to drive, where to head, and even who the enemy was, +Jason Wieringa  's tanks did the same, it was as if something evil had erased our tank's code memories.

"Lobotomizer" suddenly perked up and headed toward my tanks with an evil look of triumph, he had lured us in close, to erase our memory and now was coming to finish us off. Oh I wish I had a way to regenerate our system's main "Tick" method, without it we could never think or move again!

I will spare you the bloody gorey details of the slaughter of my battalion's tanks, after the battle I found +Jason in the strewn wreckage of bot bodies and twisted metal and code bits, he and I would survive to fight again another day, when we could take on the evil Dr. Bock +David Bock and his devilishly simple but oh so effect "Lobotimizer" bot.

Even as I write this, in the room next to me in a secret underground bunker, the mad coder +Cody Kemp has found a possible way to regenerate a new "Tick" method. Evil will never triumph, while good coders exist!

I'll keep you posted :) Josh