Monday, March 25, 2013

Michael Hartl's Rails Tutorial and my 1.5 hour Rspec test!!!

My assignment for the side project pet rescue website is a little bit difficult for me, although I would never admit it out loud, so I decided to quickly do the Michael Hartl Rails tutorial again, I've done it before and my brother Cody wants some help tweaking it a little and making it into a different application, so why not help Cody out and for another reason.

In the tutorial if I remember correctly there is a section that deals with the modeling I need to do for the pet rescue website. I figure "Heck, final week of Berkeley edX 169.2x a quiz and homework all do by March 31st, a little work on the side project, why not quickly whip through a 60 hour tutorial in like 5 minutes right?"

As I'm working through the Michael Hartl Rails Tutorial I'm tweaking the names to the tests, and stuff, no bigs, I've done this before, I'll be done in no time flat, till I mess up the final rspec test. Anyway long story short, my quick easy fix, took me 1.5 hours to fix. Yes it was VERY simple. YES I should have figured it out in 5 minutes. NO I didn't so, in honor of that annoying rspec test I included today a screen shot of the test finally passing.

Oh that felt so good to finally get the rspec test to pass, you know the feeling if you've ever started randomly sobbing in Paneras for no apparent reason. If you don't know the feeling, keep coding and you will. - Josh