Saturday, July 6, 2013

Day 256 = Pair Programming in Wales...

Just finished Skyping with +Richard Lewis who lives in Wales, UK. Had a great time learning from him, and talking about all the changes to WellspringLawn, learned so much.

I now need to track down +Zander z and finally have our pair programming session, I was too intimated to pair program with him before, but the time has come. Who care's if the man's a Ruby genius :-)

Everyone loves Stack Overflow and I do too. I have always been a little intimidated to ask a question as I have seen the Stack Overflow crowd turn into an angry mob and eat developers who ask "inappropriate" questions.

After talking to Rich today, I have decided to face my fears and ask questions on Stack OverFlow, if I perish, I perish. My current rating is 0, which means I can't upgrade anyone else's questions either. That changes this coming week, I will be asking questions!

I'm loving Ruby the more and more I learn about it. Not that I know that much, but it's always so cool to see the cool differences between .empty? and .nil? and then think: "Wow, that's really cool, and that was SO easy".

Last but not least, I am going to be the main speaker at this month's NOVARug Meetup, which is cool and slightly frightening as I have only ever given 2 short 5-10 minute talks before. This talk will be longer and with no chance of escape! I CAN NOT SUCK :-)

Check out my talk, and come if you're in the Northern Va area on July 16th. Making a basic Rails App. I'll let you know if anyone chucks fruit at me or not :-)  -Josh