Monday, July 22, 2013

Learning Ruby on Rails Day 271 = I'm a typing WIZARD!!!

Holy crap! excuse my language, BUT I just typed 43wpm!!! a year ago, I was at 12wpm! I am still doing my old stand by of "hunting and pecking", but apparently I've gotten better at either "hunting" or "pecking" :-)

When I was trying to get into Dev Bootcamp, they made all the applicants take a typing speed test on Type Racer and to then take a screenshot of your speed and send it to them. They told me that everyone who made it in to Dev Bootcamp, needed to be at a minimum of 40wpm before class started.

I remember thinking to myself as I typed 12-16wpm, that I would NEVER see 40wpm EVER! I really do one day want to learn how to "really" type instead of my "free hand" style, but I never wanted to side track myself from strictly learning to code.

Well I'm buying my self an ice cold coke to celebrate (beer gives me a migraine). I guess the moral of the story is, you can get halfway decent speed just by learning to code without ever actually learning the correct way.

I do NOT recommend my style of typing, I just feel happy to be ANYWHERE in the 40s wpm!

I took a Ruby 1.8 skills assessment test today for one of the places I was interviewing at. The test was designed for intermediate Ruby developers. I felt good with about half of the stuff I was reading and the test reflected that with a score of 62% correct, which needless to say more than slightly deflated my ego :-(

I don't think being timed and nervous helped either, but what the heck, live and learn. eventually I will be good, and ole' "DHH" himself will be begging me for advice :-)

Time to code peeps, no more dilly dallying! -Josh