Tuesday, July 30, 2013


My first day at ZipList starts this Thursday, SOOO excited to be taking the next step on my learning journey.

My blog recorded it's highest traffic ever after announcing I got hired. I have also received about a billion emails from people asking for advice. I apologize for not getting back to everyone yet, I 've been very busy. I love getting emails, so keep them coming, I just am a little slow getting back with thoughtful good advice.

I also have been getting asked the always awkward question: "How much did you end up getting?"

Awkward. However I started this blog to keep myself accountable, and to help/encourage others to step out and learn on their own. So I want to be very transparent with everyone.

First off I will say, I am VERY happy with ZipList and the incredible opportunity I have been given, but I'll give you a range so you can get an idea.

I am making between: $60,000 - $80,000 ....how's that :-)

No, I'm not working for $5 an hour in some sweat shop, so no fears if you are on a similar journey as mine. Yes, you can with no college education or expensive bootcamps land a great paying job at an awesome company, if you don't mind a little hard work!

In other news, I am featured on Uncollege this month which has me totally stoked! I have always been inspired by the work they are doing, and Dale J. Stephen's book Hacking Your Education  which was very helpful to me while on my learning journey. (And no I don't have to promote them, I just really believe in the book, and think it will help virtually anyone on their own learning journey).

Wish me luck peeps, I've spent this week saying good bye to a ton of shoeing clients that I have had for 7+ years of shoeing horses for a living. I thought I'd be a little happier about leaving shoeing than I actually am, it's a kind of sad/mixed emotion. Feels almost like when Fall comes around, you're happy for it, but you are going to miss the Summer.