Saturday, July 20, 2013

Learning Ruby on Rails- Summer!

This last week has been so hot here in Virginia, we set a heat record yesterday! I have been having a really hard time being able to get my study hours in this week with the heat and long days of shoeing. No fear, I'll get them in, just saying :-)

Pair programmed today with +Bill Glennon. We are making a basic little rails app for fun with trivia questions about the 49ers team and players. Right now, it's still pretty basic, just made some scaffolding and doing some basic mocking up of the site.

I'm going to try and black mail a small company for stickers in exchange for mentioning them on here, how awful is that? Ha ha! I'll let you know what kind of response I get back.

I'm learning more about Css lately, couldn't sleep last night after one of my little guys woke me up so I opened up my mac and made just a plain html/css webpage without looking anything up. Just typing in stuff and seeing if it did what I wanted. I actually really enjoyed the "experimental" way of making a page without looking stuff up.

Interviewed at 2 more places, we'll see what happens, I'll keep you up to date. Apparently things go slowly when getting hired, that's the vibe I am getting :-)

Who cares, I say keep coding till you're so good no one can ignore you :-)