Monday, July 8, 2013

RubyLoco Hack Night!

What an awesome night, and a great group of peeps!

I have always known I have a different way of learning new things than most people, tonight I learned something else about myself.

At RubyLoco they had a coding challenge which was great but I got stuck and thankfully @JustinNash2 partner of Simply Binary  came to the rescue and explained a couple things I wasn't getting.

 I thought about what Justin explained, and kind of got it but, was still kind of confused. I had been driving home for 35 minutes when it clicked and I said out loud in the car: "Oh, I get it now". For me, sometimes I learn something new quickly, other times like tonight, it's more of a "delayed light bulb" moment :-)

Thanks to @JustingNash2 for taking the time to help me out, him and @peterbroderick
are good peeps over at Simply Binary :-)

The secret sauce to my life, the one key to any success I've ever had, was from never giving up and to always keep on doggedly pursuing whatever it is I am trying to learn. I hope you don't ever give up as you are learning RoR. 

Some days I feel like I can make anything, other days I feel like 'irb' has cursed me and no Ruby code will work NO matter what I do. Here's to plugging away regardless....-Josh