Friday, January 18, 2013

Become super human: Learn To Code!

I am falling in love with this whole make code/solve problems thing, even though I still very much suck at it. It's almost like golf,  90% of the time you suck, but then you get that 1 shot that makes you feel like Tiger Woods. With coding I don't know much of anything yet, but when I finally solve even te smallest problem, I get a euphoric high, a rush and then I get excited to learn more.

Berkeley edX SaaS Course's 2nd week is going great,  the homework is tough but awesome challenges. Colin MacDonald  from South Arlington Hacker Space bought me a copy of "In The Beginning was the Command Line". He said it would help me understand more of the history/culture of the command line, can't wait to read it.

Matthew Gallager from South Arlington Hacker Space helped me Thursday night to get a little more familiar using Github, he's helped me out alot before, in fact I owe him some serious "Monster Drink Kickbacks" for all the help he's given me :)  I'm so grateful for all the awesome, great people I've met and who have helped me since starting this learning to code journey, it truly is an amazing community.

 I Studied 5.25 hours today pair programming with my brother Cody, it's amazing how much quicker you learn when you have someone you can bounce ideas and questions off of, I also think it's funny that there are SO many different ways to solve a problem, whether or not they are all the right way. Cody and I seem to always start off solving a problem differently, which I think helps us learn even more and is pretty cool :) - Josh