Monday, January 21, 2013

Pair Programming using cell phones and Google Docs = Fun!

End of the week totals:19.50 hours for week 13, although I did read 86 pages today from "In The Beginning Was The Command Line", so that's not technically studying but I feel like I did learn more about the culture and history of OS.

248.75 total hours in 13 weeks of studying, loving the journey and feeling like I'm slowly understanding a little bit more and more :) My brother Cody and I have found a great way to practice communication and pair programming.

Cody lives in Fredericksburg, I live in Warrenton, over an hour drive away, so after he gets off work, we use Google Docs and cell phones on speaker so we can talk about what were doing, it's actually really fun, and I feel like we really have to focus more and think about what we're doing to avoid errors and communicate well. We both feel like we learn much faster when we work together, so we're gonna' try and pair program hopefully 3 times (long distance), and then once in person per week.

Berkeley edX SaaS homework is pretty challenging for me. I find the hardest thing for me so far is to: "think like a computer programmer", I know that sounds dumb but, I feel like I have zero experience to pull from in my mind. No other similar things I've done in the past. I'm sure that's every noon's curse at first :)

I'll just keep typing away with my embarrassing code until I get better, I'm sure It will improve over time with enough work.-Josh