Thursday, January 10, 2013

Berkeley edX: First Quiz Done!!!

My brother Cody and I are both officially done Lectures 1 and 2. I just took the first quiz oddly enough named 'Quiz 0', felt good about all but one question. I can't believe I finished the assignments already, I'm assuming they will get much harder and have more actual programming tasks, and homework.

Right now I'm pair programming with my brother Cody on the game assignment from Lesson: 45 in Zed Shaw's "Learn Ruby The Hard Way", turning out to be harder than I thought but also awesome, all the learning and awful code we're writing. I'm sure most any real programmer would cry at what we created.

Just finished the game, I'm gonna' push it to Github as soon as I finish writing this post. My Github name is 'joshuakemp1'. Go to , in the search bar type in my Github name. Look at my repositories for 'cody_josh_game.rb'. If you want to play the game, open your terminal (if using a Mac) type in 'git clone'  tap the space bar once, then copy and paste the Github address and press enter.

To play the game, type in 'cd cody_josh_game.rb' hit enter. Then type in 'Ruby cody_josh_game.rb' and the game should run for you no problems...let me know what you think or if you need any help getting it to run.-Josh