Wednesday, January 9, 2013

edX Berkeley CS169.1x Software as a Service!!!

Just completed watching all the lectures and slides for Chapter 1 & 2, for week 1 of the course. I just need to take the first quiz, then I should be done till the next assignment comes out, or if there is any homework, I don't think there is though. 

I love the teacher Dave Patterson. He has a great teaching style, I really like it, really helps me understand new concepts and to let them sink in, five stars so far!

So far it seems like I will have more free time than I thought to continue studying on my own. I expect that to change as we get farther along and have harder topics and homework, but for now I will keep studying on my own as well. Really excited, I love learning, coding, and software development, so I'm one happy clam right now :) - Josh