Sunday, January 6, 2013

Game face for Berekley edX...Starts tomorrow!!!

Still studying 4 hours so far, still going strong. 21 hours so far for this week, just over 200 for 11weeks of studying overall. Had my brother Cody over to study and to get everything set up for tomorrow's Berekley edX course. Set up the VM and installed all the software with out too many problems.

I didn't realize we were going to be using Ubuntu on the Virtual Box, we're using Unity 12.0.4. I normally use a Mac, my brother Cody uses Ubuntu as a dual boot on his Windows machine so he's pretty good with Linux. I'm kind of excited to get to learn a different Operating System, I'm so glad the command line is the bash shell, I don't feel as nervous:)

Downloaded Sublime Text 2 onto Ubuntu so I'll feel more comfortable using the text editor. The course didn't specify a text editor or anything so I'm assuming it will be okay to use Sublime Text 2. Cody and I are about to try and tackle the assignment from "Learn Ruby The Hard Way" Lesson: 45 build a game. I'll let you know if we defeat the evil Ruby assignment!

I'm so excited to be starting a new course tomorrow. Will be good to put my mad skills to work, attacking any and all problems with genius coding solutions :) Wish me luck, encourage me along, and give me advice when I beg you for it :) - Josh