Sunday, May 12, 2013

615 hours studied and my site is up now!

Check out ! It took me a while but I feel fairly happy with the finished product. It was an awesome all around learning experience :-)

I had to put the code repo to "private" to hide the email password and the Flicker secret Api key. I'm sure there has to be a better way, but for now that will have to do.

Only 11 days till my surprise on the 23rd, working my butt off on it right now to get it done in time. Wish me luck :-)

The site "wellspring" has the contact page send emails with all the contact form information. The "portfolio" page calls Flickr's api using the gem "FlickRaw', to upload photos from my friend Peter's phone to the "Portfolio" page whenever he takes a picture and clicks 'upload', so he's pretty happy with how convenient that is.

Several things I may change down the road: Fonts: a little softer. More mobile friendly. Possible have all uploaded pictures come with a standard border.

Time to code, time is running out like water from a bucket full of holes.- Josh